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Modbus SCADA
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Modbus SCADA

Software for data collection and system monitoring. Collects data from Modbus enabled systems (e.g. PLCs, Instruments, I/O Modules configured as Modbus slave devices) and displays it in a friendly way on HMI screens

Easy to use

Express installer, Easy screen design, HMI with multiple screens with easy navigation, Demo mode


Modbus RTU/ASCII over serial link and Modbus TCP support, Configurable polling intervals

Data processing

Easy definition of data inputs, Support for reverse byte order and bits swap, Linear and nonlinear functions


Modbus SCADA can be easily integrated with many data acquisition modules


• Multiple screens • Edit and Run-Time mode • Easy screen design • Configurable styles • Graphic symbol library • Clickable buttons on the screen • Touch screen compatible


• Modbus ASCII/RTU over serial link • Modbus TCP over Ethernet • Communication monitor • Tabular live view • Auto reconnect


• Definition of data inputs/outputs • Reading Coils, Discrete Inputs, Input Registers, and Holding Registers • Writing Coils and Holding Registers • Data types definition

Data processing

• Linear and nonlinear functions • Chart view for functions • Linear regression • Calibration

Web server

• Embedded web server • User's authentication support • Template engine for building custom pages • Support for HTML, JS, CSS


• Thresholds • Historical data collection (CSV format) • Windows installer for easy setup • Objects library • Minimal hardware requirements • Demo mode


The software is provided for “as is” and without any warranty. Refer to the full license text in the software.

Download installer for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10


Product prices do not include any local, value added or other taxes. Customer shall pay any such taxes if applicable.


25 tags license


50 tags license


100 tags license


200 tags license


Unlimited tags license

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Terms & conditions

  • The license is perpetual.
  • One registered copy of Modbus SCADA may be used by a single person or organization on one computer (you can transfer the license to another computer if you uninstall it from the original location)
  • No upgrade packs available (e.g. you cannot upgrade from 50 tags to 100 tags, you need to buy 100 tags license).
  • You are eligible for all patches and upgrades for 1st year.
  • Unlimited tags license enables 65536 tags, but the actual limit depends on available system resources and performance.
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  • No WLC Systems product nor serivce may not be offered or sold to Russian Federation. Any payments originated from Russian Federation will be not refunded.

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