Modbus SCADA

Modbus SCADA is a software for data collection and system monitoring. The software collects data from Modbus< enabled systems (e.g. PLCs, Instruments, I/O Modules) and displays it in a friendly way on screens (HMI - Human Machine Interface). If you do not need screens to visualize your data, you can also use Modbus SCADA as Modbus Master tool communicating Modbus Slave devices and presenting collected data in tabular form.

Modbus SCADA can be easily integrated with many data acquisition modules and also provides logging of historical data< and built-in webserver for remote access. It is cost-effective and especially designed for low-volume projects.


Key features

  • Modbus RTU/ASCIIover serial link and Modbus TCP over network support (Modbus SCADA is Modbus Master device)
  • Multiple screens (HMI) & screen designer
  • Thresholds and alarms
  • Data conversion (various data types, mathematical function to calculate real values, calibration)
  • Built-in web server for remote access
  • Express installer for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Server 200x, minimal hardware requirements
  • more...

Free download

Do you have Modbus devices you want to collect data from and visualize it on your PC or industrial panel? Click Downloads to download a free version of Modbus SCADA.

Getting help

Visit Online Help to find out more on Modbus SCADA configuration. This page provides step by step instruction how to edit tags and design your screen.


Web server

Modbus SCADA with built-in web server can serve as a bridge connecting Modbus device with a web browser. Modbus data can be acessed via web browser in PCs, tablets or smartphones. Exemplary table presenting Modbus data via a web broswer has been shown below:


The web server is equipped with a template engine, enabling users to design custom web pages with almost any content. The web server support user's authentication to control access to data.