• Multiple screens
  • Edit (design-time) mode and Run-Time (read-only) mode
  • Easy screens' design (put a background image and objects)
  • Configurable object's styles (fonts and colors)
  • Graphic symbol library
  • Various screen navigation options
  • Clickable function buttons on the screen
  • Touch screen compatible



  • Modbus ASCII/RTU protocol over serial link
  • Modbus TCP protocol over Ethernet
  • Up to 3 serial links (can work in parallel supporting 3 buses)
  • Works with physical as well as virtual serial ports and bridges
  • Communication monitor
  • Configurable polling intervals and timeouts
  • Tabular live view of tags values with communication status
  • Auto reconnect



  • Easy definition of data inputs and tags (define slave address, register address, etc.)
  • Support for reading Coils, Discrete Inputs, Input Registers, and Holding Registers
  • Support for writing Coils and Holding Registers
  • Data types definition (integers, bits, and floating-point numbers)
  • Support for reverse byte order and bits swap.

Data processing

  • Linear and nonlinear functions to calculate real tag's values.
  • Wizard to define conversion formula y = a*x + b
  • Chart view for function definition
  • Linear regression
  • Calibration feature (offset change)

Web server

  • Embedded web server.
  • Remote access for Modbus data via web browsers from any PC, tablet, and smartphone.
  • User's authentication support (HTTP header based authentication)
  • Template engine for building custom pages
  • Support for HTML, JavaScript, CSS, images and more
  • Modbus SCADA can be used as Modbus - HTTP bridge


  • Thresholds (tag is displayed in distinguished color when threshold exceeded)
  • Alerts via e-mail and/or SMS (via GSM Modem supporting AT Hayes commands) - will be available in next release!
  • Historical data collection (data available in CSV format, to be imported into Microsoft Excel)
  • Windows installer for easy setup
  • Runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Server 200x, Embedded
  • Minimal hardware requirements
  • Easy configuration backup and restore (based on text configuration files)
  • Demo mode allows you to work with the program without Modbus devices