Main window

Main window with object navigator and tag list containing tag configuration, current readings, also current communication status (e.g. timeouts, CRC errors).

Tag definition dialog

Specify tag name, select Modbus function and address, specify connection used to communicate with Modbus device.

Connection definition dialog

Define serial and/or Ethernet connection and select Modbus protocol.

Symbol Library Browser

Browse symbol library. Symbols are grouped by category. User can extend the library with own symbols.

Exemplary screen

Here is exemplary screen. Design your own screens by putting background bitmaps and tags on the screen. Use mouse to drag and drop objects.

Function definition

Define function used to calculate displayed value from Modbus readings. You can define the function point by point, or using wizard to define mathematical formula for linear functions (Y=aX+b)

Please note that screens may differ a bit from these available in the lastest version.